Thursday, August 1, 2013

Secret Prophecy by Herbie Brennan

The book I read this month is called the Secret Prophecy, by Herbie Brennan. This book is about boy named Edward Michael "Em" Governton. After his father, Professor Ed Governton, died, strange things began to happen. For example, at his father's funeral, he saw people there that he had never known in his life. His mother hadn't known him as well. There was also a man carrying a gun at the funeral. When he went to France with his dad's friend Tom and his daughter Charlotte, that same man started following him. When he came back, he found out that his dad's study had been robbed twice, yet no valuable things had gone missing. Then, his mom was committed to a mental asylum for no apparent reason. With all of these questions in his mind, Em set out to discover that there was this new prophecy that his dad had discovered. It was by Nostradamus, the same guy who was claimed to have had predicted the fall of the Twin Towers. The prophecy is somehow linked up to the Death Flu, which is made by a secret organization called the Knights of Themis. With the help of Charlotte and a secretive man named Victor from a secret organization called Section 7, they go about solving the prophecy. Will all 3 of them be able to stop the epidemic from killing thousands of kids? Will they discover the truth about the prophecy? Find out in The Secret Prophecy. 

I liked this book because there were many unexpected turns where you thought one thing was going to happen, but it turns out that something else happens, which you wouldn't have guessed at all. The book is very fast paced and has a lot of action and adventure. It's also very exciting and suspenseful at times. It has bits and pieces of humor here and there as well.

~Vaidehi, Teen Book Reviewer

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