Saturday, August 3, 2013

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent is the sequel to Divergent. It continues after the war with the Abnegation and talks about future fighting. The entire novel is jaw-dropper after jaw-dropper involving all five of the factions, and the factionless. Things people thought were never possible before with stimulations are no possible thanks to the well known, evil Erudite leader, Jeanine Matthews. Throughout the book, friends turn on friends, boyfriends turn on girlfriends, and even family turns on family. There are also many murders. During the war, Tris and Tobias still try to continue dating, but there is so much hidden from each other. Secrets keep them from talking to each other for days and lies lead to conflict. What Tris thinks is necessary for her faction and safe, Tobias thinks is a suicide mission. All of the suspense throughout the entire book ends on a huge cliffhanger that will make you wonder…

 This novel kept me turning the pages continuously. There was never a dull moment. This book was definitely better then the first. Anyone who liked the first will like this one better, and if you are on the fence about whether to read this one or not, definitely try it.

~Danielle, Teen Book Reviewer

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