Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fast Life by Cassandra Carter

In Fast Life Kyra is a girl who has lived in a "bubble" for almost her whole life. When I say bubble, I mean one atmosphere in which she only knows about. For most of her life, she was caught up in a world of easy money,designer labels and drug-dealing boyfriends. Kyra figured it all to be normal, and at sixteen-year-old Kyra Jones expected each boyfriend to be more law-abiding then the next. When her single mom is offered a job that takes Kyra away from her old Chicago neighborhood, she is shocked, and dose not realize that there is an innocent life she is able to be living. The drugs and gang violence all go due to the move, and she finally realizes that there's more to life than Gucci, Prada and fabulous bling. Kyra learns that diamonds are not the only things she could get from a boy. Starting over in a new place, with a new boyfriend, Justin, gives Kyra hope that life can be different. She enters a new school, new neighborhood, and meets new friends. After she meets a boy who becomes the love of her life she forgets all about her boyfriend back home who seems to have forgotten about her too when he realizes what he has did. But after all these years in her old hometown, sometimes the fast life catches up to you. Kyra finds her whole life spinning wildly out of control. And for Kyra, her only hope is to stay one step ahead of trouble. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an easy read, yet a tense, hard-to-put-down story. I was truly fascinated by this novel!

Taylor, Teen Book Reviewer

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