Saturday, August 31, 2013

Eve & Adam by Michael Grant And Katherine Applegate

I recently read the book Eve & Adam by Michael Grant And Katherine Applegate. This book alternates between Evening, Adam and Solo's point of view. In the beginning of the story evening is hit by a car and is left in serious condition. Once Eve gets to the hospital her mother takes her to her own company Spiker Biopharmeceuticals, to get better. While there Eve is given a task by her mother to create the perfect boy-Adam using a machine that can create humans. While creating Adam, Eve and Solo discover secrets that answer so many of their questions and could change their world forever. However Adam begins to seem not so perfect anymore.

 I give this book a 10/10 because it was very intriguing and had a lot of dynamics. Also even though it was written by two authors I felt the story line flowed very well. I enjoyed how the book switched personalities, and how each character complemented one another. I would recommend this book for anyone that likes science fiction, futuristic, technological or drama type of books.

~Ann Marie, Teen Book Reviewer

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