Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bright Island by Mabel Louise Robinson

Thankful Curtis is a girl born and raised on Bright Island. She loves farming and, most of all, sailing around Bright Island. She was content to live her life on Bright Island, being home schooled by her mother, and sailing with her friend, Dave. Unfortunately, her family had other plans for her. Thankful's parents, brothers, and sister-in-laws all decided Thankful needed proper schooling on the mainland. At school, Thankful meets her roommate, the rich Selina, a charming, sweet boy, Robert, and a handsome, kind Latin teacher. Even though Thankful is learning more, and meeting new people, she continues to feel the pull of Bright Island, trying to make her come back. I loved this book. It is a charming tale about a sweet girl who has grown up isolated on a lovely island. You feel sorry for Thankful when you see how blatantly out of place she is on the mainland. You will route for her throughout the book. Bright Island is an endearing tale, in which you will grow to love the characters, and the setting. You will wish you could accompany Thankful onto Bright Island, so you could see all the places described in the book, and eat Mary Curtis' delicious cooking!

~Tatum, Teen Book Reviewer

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