Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beta by Rachel Cohn

In Beta Elysia is one of the first teen clones. She is bought by the Governor's wife on the perfect island Demesne. On this island they do not have humans do the work for them. Instead when people die or volunteer to die, they are made into beings that are emotionless and are only here to serve. At least that's what they thought. Elysia feels things. She doesn't understand it, but she knows something is off with herself. She can taste! Betas aren't supposed to taste. She hides it from everyone. Another off thing about her is she can swim perfectly, and dive at great heights. The most thrilling defect about herself is that when she is under water she sees her firsts (the person that died before she came) love. She sees him under water and has this overwhelming impulse to be with him, but she doesn't know where to find him. Will she ever actually meet him? This book is really good. I would defiantly recommend it to my peers because it keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. It is interesting and the concept of the clones is really cool to think about. Is it possible to make another human being that possesses no feelings? Or is it just something that comes with being alive? It leaves you wanting more.

~Ashley, Teen Book Reviewer

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