Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Struck by Jennifer Bosworth

I have recently finished reading the book Struck by Jennifer Bosworth. In this book, a girl by the name of Mia Price is pushed into a reality that she would rather ignore. The city of Los Angeles is in ruins from a deathly earthquake, and Mia is believed to have a connection to the event. Mia is known as a freak, because she is addicted to lightning. She has been struck numerous times, and is avoided by everyone because of her background. Even though she may be dangerous, two battling cults have differing ideas on how the world may end in another devastating freak storm, and Mia is central to both their plans. Throughout the story, people from both sides try to get to her, and she must choose the side she believes is right. 

I loved this book, with its thrilling scenes, and nerve racking situations. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes twisted endings, with non-stop action and fighting. This book is exhilarating to read, and I hope to read more novels like this in the future.

~Adam, Teen Book Reviewer

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