Monday, July 22, 2013

Starring Arabelle by Hillary H. De Baun

I recently read the book Starring Arabelle by Hillary H. De Baun. The book is about Arabelle Archer, a girl who is in ninth grade, starting high school. She has hopes of pleasing everyone she meets and making friends with her new peers. Things do not go as planned on the first day. Arabelle tries to talk to her locker mates but gets ignored. She tries to make everyone like her but no one seems to notice her. She thinks she finds a way to be noticed when she hears about the school play. She wants to try out but a spotlight-hogging senior misleads her and tells her that ninth graders cannot get parts in the plays. Arabelle has to settle for being prompter, reminding the actors of their lines when they forget. She is very unhappy. And to ruin her freshman year even more, her guidance counselor forces her to do community service at a local nursing home. At first she hates the nursing home, but soon grows to love her new old friends she has made there. Something bad happens to the schools production. The play cannot go on. But, Arabelle saves the day with the help of her true friends, including the ones from the nursing home.

 I loved this book because I loved Arabelle’s character. She will never give up on showing everyone how great she can be. Arabelle knows the the meaning of friendship, though she struggles with it in the beginning. I think that Arabelle is a great person who wants to help people and brighten up their lives. I would definitely recommend this book. I think it is great for anyone.

 ~Courtney, Teen Book Reviewer

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