Friday, June 29, 2012

The Tempest by Julie Cross

I read a book called, The Tempest by Julie Cross. This book is a fancinating scientific story. Of course, it's a fictional story. This book is about a nineteen year old abonormal boy named Jackson Meyer. He has a girlfriend named Holly Flynn. They were just ordinary couple until this special and freaky day! Two men came into Holly's dorm when Jackson was with her and they shot Holly. Holly was bleeding alot and all of sudden one of Jackson's abilites, time traveling, kicked in. Jackson didn't know when and where he was. He was worried about her all along his journey to his past. He found out some shocking things when he was traveling; for example, his secret of birth and his father's job. At the end, he has to decide something and Holly's life all depends on him. Find out which choice he decides on! As you read this book, you get into it more and more. You can't stop reading unless you finish the book. So, I recommand you to read this book because it's very fun and interesting. I LOVED IT!

~Amy, Teen Book Reviewer

Check out an interview Julie Cross did with Entertainment Weekly about The Tempest when it first came out and I've added the book trailer below! -Ms. M

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