Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Pledge By Kimberly Derting

The Pledge By Kimberly Derting is about a girl named Charlaina (or Charlie) who lives in a society based of the caste system. Everyone is put in their place and told what they are to do in their life. Every class also has it's own language so nobody can hear things they aren't supposed to. But Charlie can strangely understand every language. Ever since she was little it was just a natural thing for her. Nobody knows about it but her parents and her sister, Angelina, who is only six. Charlaina and her best friend Brooklyn go to one of the underground clubs called Prey and Charlie meets a mysterious boy named Max. She seems to really like him but tries to ignore her feelings but when she sees him around town, she can't stay away. When he keeps a promise that he made to her to keep her safe, his honesty is put to the test in an attack over the city. Max plans to stay with Charlie through whatever even if she doesn't seem to appreciate his protection. I would recommend this book to girls who enjoy books on futuristic society and adventure. Takes place in a fictional country in the future. I would also recommend it to those who like fantasy books. There is a lot of action and tension in this book as well so if you don't like serious stories then I wouldn't recommend this to you.

-Jessica, Teen Book Reviewer

 Also check out the video below where Kimberly Derting talks about how she got the idea for the book.-The Librarians

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