Monday, June 11, 2012

Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans

I found the book Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans to be a very good book that I would definitely recommend to anyone who asked me. When I first received the book I had doubts about wether I would enjoy the book because of the description of the book found in the front cover of the book. My opinion was changed as soon as I began reading the book. I discovered that I actually really enjoyed the book. With this book you have to give it a chance and not just close the book with the first chapter because I found that chapter to not be a very good way to start the book but as soon as the second chapter you are immediately hooked to the book.
Michael Vey at the beginning of the book is a normal boy in ninth grade that is very easy to connect to. He suffers from all of the normal problems of adolescent boys today except he can has an extraordinary power. Once he meets a girl whose power is similar to his the two teens and Michael's genius friend Osten(spelled correctly) form a secret club to try to get to the bottom of their powers.

I would recommend this to all teenagers who enjoy fictional books with characters who are normal but then something happens and they have to face problems with what powers they are given. If you read the Gone series and enjoyed it you will certainly enjoy Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25. I would also recommend this to some preteens who are up to the challenge of a slightly harder book because I found that much of the book was written in a simpler more childish way that could be meant to appeal to preteens.

~Christopher, Teen Book Reviewer

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