Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blue Fish by Pat Schmatz

This past weekend I read Blue Fish written by Pat Schmatz. It tells the story of Travis, who faced great difficulties in his life but finds a source of respite despite unlikely odds. Growing up without the affection of his parents, Travis conceals himself from society until he meets Velveeta, a spunky caring friend. She not only helps him learn how to read but also how to trust in others again. Although, this story demonstrates an inspiring story, I found the novel to be lacking sincere emotion, leading conflict as well as many other elements of a story. But I am impressed by the meaning behind the story; it is expressed in a flat manner but manages to get the point across. Blue Fish is a compelling story where friendships and love are gained and conflicts and disputes are solved. It truly tells of a wonderful message that love and friendships can be formed with kindness.

~Anne, Teen Book Reviewer

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