Sunday, May 13, 2012

Schooled by Gordon Korman

Schooled by Gordon Korman is about a boy named Capricorn aka CAP.  He grow up in a very primitive environment with his grandmother. CAP was home-schooled by his grandmother, then after she gets hurt and has to stay at the hospital, CAP is forced to attend public middle school and lives with the guidance counselor. At Claverage middle school, CAP was treated like dirt at the beginning of the novel, and to make it worst, Zach Powers, his supposed friend nominates him for class president, which is a symbol for nerds. However, CAP's actions convinced people that his way of life is not so bad after all, and by the end of the novel, the characters in the novel learn to accept CAP for who he is. This book was an easy read with a powerful message, that message is how others should accept people for how they are. I give this book a 4/5 and recommend it to everyone of all ages.

~Kevin, Teen Book Reviewer

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