Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outlaw by Stephen Davies

The book Outlaw was an amazing book about a fifteen-year-old boy named Jake Knight, a major adventurer. Being such a fan of exploring often gets him into trouble. When a strict English boarding school that he was sent to without choice from his parents suspends him for rule-breaking (specifically using his parkour skills to run up a wall of a prison, and break in while playing a game with his friends), Jake flies out to Burkina Faso, in Africa where his parents and his sister Kas are living. He is expecting a long, fun, adventure-filled vacation with warm, sunny weather. But he does not know what is in store for him during his "vacation." He finds out that kidnapping, terrorism and Yakuuba Sor – the most wanted outlaw in the Sahara desert, wait for him in Africa. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is into an action-packed and very interesting story. I would be extremely excited to read the next book by Stephen Davies, and I thought that "Outlaw," was an outstanding book.

~Tyler, Teen Book Reviewer

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