Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hunted: The Shadowing by Adam Slater

During December, I read the book Hunted: The Shadowing by Adam Slater. I found this book to be both scary and exciting. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading horror. I enjoyed this book because it brought a different type of book to me; one of horror and unpredictability. I would rate this book 7/10. Though this horror book is a good read, I found some parts to be very graphic. As a result, this book would not serve as an appropriate book for younger readers. However, I found to be more good points of this book, than bad ones. The Shadowing: Hunted brings the reader on the frightening story of Callum Scott. Callum is a normal teenager who lives with his grandmother, except he can see ghosts. Callum never found it that interesting, but he finds out he can see the future before it really happens. A girl in his school, Melissa is saved from this power and finds out all about Callum's situation because of her vast knowledge of superstition and "ghost-related" aspects. Then, these two find themselves being chased by a unknown monster and meeting a friendly ghost along the way.

~Paul, Teen Book Reviewer

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