Monday, May 7, 2012

Among the Enemy by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among The Enemy by Margeret Peterson Haddix is a great story. Matthias, Percy, and Alia are forced by the government to go to a work camp. As they escape, Alia and Percy get injured. Matthias has to abandon his friends to find help for them. As he tries to get help, he has no choice but to go undercover as a new recruit for the Population Police, the government soldiers. He becomes what he has hated his whole life. He goes on not knowing whether his friends have lived or not. He tries to help them while spying on the head of the Population Police and uncovering a devious plot.

This novel involves a lot of undercover work. It involves gunshots, an explosion, death, and fake I.D. cards. It is a short novel that I could not put down. This book is the 6th book of the Shadow Children series, yet it would not be confusing if you haven't read the previous books. Haddix creates a story that follows Matthias as he tries to save and find his dearest friends in life.

~Ravjot, Teen Book Reviewer

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