Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wildthorn by Jane England

The book I read is called, Wildthorn, by Jane Eagland. This book is about how a girl named Louisa Cosgrove, who is mistakenly taken to an asylum for the insane(called Wildthorn), but when trying to tell others of this, they do not believe her. Instead, they tell her that she is actually Lucy Childs, not Louisa, and is ill. Because of her mental illness,they claim that she believes she is someone who she isn't. Even though the staff at the institute keep calling her "Miss Childs", Louisa knows that they have made a huge mistake. While there, she remembers her past, and knows that she must escape.

I thought this book was okay,-not amazing, but not bad. At times this book got a little boring, but it was interesting to find out why she was placed there. I would recommend this to people who like historical fiction books, and maybe a little mystery. Read this to find out what happens! :)

~Vinnie, Teen Book Reviewer

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