Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Thing Called The Future by J.L. Powers

Unfortunately, all books cannot be fun and interesting for a reader. To me, This Thing Called The Future by J.L. Powers was not a book that I would remember as an interesting book. People, like me, who enjoy reading suspenseful, adventurous, and fantasy stories probably would not enjoy reading this book. However, there are some parts in the story that are exciting, but overall, I did not enjoy the book.

The plot of this book consisted of a girl named Khosi who is becoming a women and going through puberty. However, the plague of HIV and AIDS is spreading throughout Khosi's home of South Africa. Even through this, Khosi finds love in a boy named Little Man, who goes to her school and lives close to her. There is another problem in the story though: Khosi's neighbor is believed to be a witch and has cursed Khosi's family because of her mother. Khosi's relationship with Little Man, the slow entrance of AIDS into Khosi's life, and the "witch's" curse on Khosi and her family develop throughout the story to all come together.

~Paul, Teen Book Reviewer

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