Friday, April 20, 2012

The Project by Brian Falkner

Brian Falkner's new action-packed story, The Project chronicles the adventures of Luke and Tommy, two ordinary teenagers who have a knack for getting themselves in trouble. One prank in particular nearly gets the two expelled, and their punishment is to research the most boring book in the world. However, the story of the most boring book in the world is far more interesting than they originally assumed. Before long, the duo is tangled up in a gigantic conspiracy surrounding the book, which includes Nazis, spies, time travelers, and a lot more danger than they bargained for. Follow Tommy and Luke as they embark on a quest to save the world!
The premise of the book is very original, and it lends itself to a very creative story. The plot twists are as surprising as they are exciting, and there are enough twists and turns to keep the reader hooked. The main cast of characters also adds to this book's appeal--Tommy and Luke are very likable, and the secondary characters are interesting and well-written. The friendly banter and close relationship between the main duo makes the dialogue interesting and keeps the readers engaged in the book. The writing style is action-packed and riveting, which also adds to the fast-paced adventurous feel this book provides.
Overall, this book is a decent action novel that is reasonably well-written. Although it does get a bit slow at parts, for most of the book the interesting dialogue, unpredictable plot, and likable characters keep the reader satisfied. This is a fairly entertaining read for anyone looking for a good action story.

~Shreyas, Teen Book Reviewer

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