Monday, April 23, 2012

Prized by Caragh M, O’Brien

The book, Prized, by Caragh M, O’Brien is a very unique and entertaining novel. The plot follows the mythical idea from the Greeks of the Amazon women. The main character is a girl named Gaia Stone who ran away from her own home with her sister who is only a baby. With both her parents dead and no one to take care of her, she runs into a wasteland with no chance of surviving. With the baby on the brink of death, they are found by people from a secret society called Sylum. The society follows many laws that give the females an enormous power over males, since the males have a population of 9 times more than the females. Unable to leave because of her sister’s state, she must grow accustomed to the many laws of Sylum where a touch from a man to a woman is considered rape and men aren’t allowed to even talk or look at women unless spoken to. I found myself involved into the story because of its unique and uncommon plot. Many of the situations are very unique and can easily pull you into the pages of the book. I personally was very surprised and satisfied with this book and would recommend in to anyone. Anybody who is interested in reading something new I would highly recommend this book to. I enjoyed this book tremendously.

~Joshua, Teen Book Reviewer

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