Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

Power of Six is the enticing sequel to I am Number Four. This book is interesting for a multitude of reasons, the first ofwhich, being that there are two narrators. Both John(number 4), the protagonist from the first story, and Marina (number 7), a new addition to the series, share the narrations. This dual narration allows the reader to see both John’s continued fight against the Mogadorians, and Marina’s struggle to improve her powers in the suppressive environment of the convent in which she is staying. Although the two narrators are entirely separate, they still follow the general trend of trying to find fellow people from Lorien, the home planet of the two characters, and defeating the Mogadorians. This book was even more compellingthan its prequel, an impressive feat. The juxtaposition between the two stories, and the constant cliff hangers from chapter to chapter makes this novel irresistible. All in all Power of Six was an incredible novel, and I would recommend the series to all those who haven’t read them yet.

~Nina, Teen Book Reviewer

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