Thursday, April 12, 2012

Past Perfect by Leila Sales

Past Perfect by Leila Sales is a book about a 16-year old girl Chelsea who has been working at a historic place called Essex practically her whole life because her parents work there and are practically in love with that place. Apparently, Chelsea doesn't want to work there anymore, she wants to work in the mall with her best friend Fiona instead. Fiona drags Chelsea into working with her at Essex so she is stuck there again. Chelsea's ex-boyfriend, Ezra, who she has trying to forget about for months is also working at Essex this summer.The conflict in "Past Perfect" is war. The colonial reenactment village is at war with the Civil War reenactment camp across the street. The plot is more complicated than that, since Chelsea becomes interested in one of the boys from the Civil War camp. Chelsea had to try to maintain a good relationship with Dan, the boy from the Civil War reenactment village, and stay loyal to Essex as she was appointed lieutenant of the "Essex Army". As time passes by, Chelsea comes into a situation where she betrays her fellow colleagues, wins their trusts back, and then ends up betraying Dan, but tries her best to make situations best as they were before. I would highly recommend this book to people interested in romance novels with a bit of history in it. I truly enjoyed reading this book and it was something I couldn't put down!
~Juhi, Teen Book Reviewer

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