Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Modelland by Tyra Banks

I thought Modelland was really creative! It showed the life of a young awkward girl who blossomed into a model. It initially showed the country where Tookie lived. It was like a small city and was divided into 4 districts; each district had its own weather! There is the freezing cold one, the super hot one, the rainy one etc. There is another country that's a gigantic store and everyone just has houses in the aisles! A lot of the imaginary countries are based on real countries and I though that it fun trying to figure out which country they were referring to. I really liked arriving at Model land and going through modeling school with Tookie. She met lots of new friends and frienemies and teachers. Everyone had his or her own quirks and personalities. Even the 'mean girl' character Zarpressa had reasons for being mean deep down inside. I also loved the classes! Some of them reminded me of Americas Next Top Model shows, like the class on how to do the runway walk, and the class on how to make faces. There were also other classes with hidden lessons for young readers. A class about eating healthy and eating for your body/appetite type. A lesson about never sharing make up because it might spread germs, etc. I just really enjoyed it. I think it needed a ghostwriter to help smooth out a few spots, especially at the beginning, and it definitely needs a new cover. However, if you read it from the point of view of watching a very colorful and wacky cartoon, I think you might enjoy it too! I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a cartoon movie of this! And Tookie would be one of the very first mainstream black female fantasy book heroines.

~Jayda, Teen Book Reviewer

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