Thursday, April 19, 2012

Loser/Queen by Jodi Lynn Anderson

The book Loser/Queen by Jodi Lynn Anderson is about a girl called Cammy Hall who is used to being a loser. She tries to rise up but always ends up being humiliated. Now that she’s a junior, she tries to avoid anything embarassing. Then one time, she accidently flashes her granny panties. When she thought all her hope were gone, a mysterious texter starting telling her how to get revenge. With the help of the texter, Cammy caused the downfall of the popular girls, and she begins to rise. But things started going wrong when she trusts the texter too much…

I think this is a really good book because it makes you want to keep reading and find out what’s going to happen next. The book is interesting and grabs you in. I would recommend this book.
~Justin, Teen Book Reviewer

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