Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

The book I read is called, Dark Inside, by Jeyn Roberts. This book is about how the end of the world is beginning, with earthquakes spanning form continent to continent, and how an "evil" has been unleashed from the cracks, deep within the earth. The evil has been spreading all over the world, and now people have begun going on killing sprees where groups of people kill others for no reason. There are no more hospitals, schools, or government, and the people who have not yet been taken over by the evil, struggle to survive day by day, without food, water, or electricity. This book is in the viewpoints of several characters, who are still free of the evilness, but are trying to get away from the darkness, or trying to find lost loved ones. There is no such thing as civilization anymore, and their only goal is to survive.

This book is really good, but at times the readings can get a little violent and gruesome. I would recommend it to anyone, because it's really interesting how the book starts as any normal day, with teenagers going to high school, and in a matter of hours, the world has started to self destruct. This book takes you on the journeys of 4 teenagers, as they meet others like them with no where to go, and shows you their encounters with "evil" people, and how they manage to survive. I think this is a really good book, and if you want to find out how things end, you'll have to read the book!

~Vinnie, Teen Book Reviewer

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