Monday, April 16, 2012

13 Curses by Michelle Harrison

13 Curses by Michelle Harrison is about a girl named Red (or Rowan Fox) entering into a fairy realm to save her brother. Her brother was kidnapped by fairies when she was still in England with her family. After she visualizes fairies in her world taking her brother, her parents keep her away from doing stupid things like imagining fairies around her. One day she decides to set out and enter the fairy realm, where she can find and save her brother. In the fairy realm, she encounters many things and becomes friends with Tanya and Fabian. In order to save her brother in the fairy realm, the fairy court agreed to return Red's brother only if they find the thirteen charms of Tanya's bracelet that can be found in the human world.

Overall, the book was amazing. There were many things that hooked you, when you tried to stop reading. All you wanted to do was to continue and see what happens. For example, in the middle to the end of the book, when Red starts a journey to find and complete Tanya's bracelet. As you continue to read on, many things happen. She encounters many different people and different things during her journey. One thing I did not like about the book, was in the beginning. This book was very boring in the beginning, and it made it feel like you were forced to read even though you didn't want to. But when you read a little more past the beginning, you'll begin to like the book. I would recommend this book to ages: 10-15.

~Jack, Teen Book Reviewer

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