Sunday, March 11, 2012

Then by Morris Gleitzman

Then by Morris Gleitzman is about two children, Felix and Zelda that are fleeing from Nazis and hiding from them in WWll. Felix is a Jewish boy that had his parents killed by the Nazis. Zelda is an orphan girl. Even though she is not Jewish, she does everything with Felix. While Felix and Zelda are fleeing, a farmer takes them in and hides them. The farmer hates Jews, but she hates Nazis more than Jews so she decided to help them out. They have a slim chance of survival because the Nazis are almost everywhere. Will they get caught and get killed? Or will they survive the Holocaust. I reccomend this book to people that read the first book of this series called Once. Overall it was a good book to read and it kept me wanting to finish the book.
~Brian, Teen Book Reviewer

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