Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project 17 by Laurie Faria Stolarz

The setting of Project 17 is in Danvers State Hospital in Boston. This mental institution was built in 1878, closed in 1992 and is rumored to be the birthplace of lobotomy. The mental hospital is also supposedly haunted with the spirits of the mentally and criminally insane that once lived there. Once Derik found out about a contest for a reality TV program where the winner would get a chance to work with the show, he figured that the best place to film the project would be in Danvers State Hospital. Derik gathered a variety of different people from different social classes that each had their own secret agenda for helping Derik. There was Liza, the book worm, Mimi the goth, Chet the class clown, and Greta and Tony the theater geeks. Once they enter the premises, the mood quickly changed and many feared what would happen next. They got into the building and began roaming around aimlessly and then Mimi found a journal written by one of the patients, Christine. Christine describes the harsh conditions and life that they had to go through, being tied down to their bed at night, being forced to sit in a water bath for days and the overdoses that the nurses would prescribe to the patients to make them go crazy. Christine also sends the group on a scavenger hunt, bringing them throughout the entire hospital leaving clues along the way. Each characters view on life was changed after the one night in the Danvers State Hospital. The events that transpired throughout the book will leave you at the edge of your seat for the entire time.

This book, in my opinion, was a very good book for those who enjoy reading or learning about ghost stories or, those who enjoy books that are real page turners where it is very tricky to guess what is going to happen next. I would definitely recommend this book, it was excellent.
~Nicole, Teen Book Reviewer

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