Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lark by Tracy Porter

The book Lark by Tracy Porter, was a great book. A chilling novel about the death of a girl in a small town, with a slight supernatural twist, Lark is told from the perspective of three different people. Lark herself tells her own side of the story. She explains the events leading up to her rape and murder, and then reflects on her life afterwards. All this time she struggling to not lose her soul and become a tree, which is what happens to girls who were murdered as she was, if their killer is not found. To help find her killer, and set her soul free, she seeks aid from Nyetta, a younger girl who Lark used to babysit for. Nyetta however, has her own problems to take care of. With divorced parents who don’t get along whatsoever. Nyetta, however, cannot bear to complete the task, so she calls for help from Eve. Eve was Larks best friend when they were younger, but after a traumatic incident estranged their friendship, they stopped talking. It is only after Larks death that old feeling begin surfacing for Eve, and in a way, Larks death allows her to grow as a person. All in all, this book was a rip-roaring, chilling novel, with a multitude of plot twists, and powerful emotions. It was absolutely incredible.
~Nina, Teen Book Reviewer

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