Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

The book, Imaginary Girls, by Nova Ren Suma, mainly centers around two sisters, Chloe and Ruby. Ruby and Chloe are very close - to the point where they can read each other's minds. However, Ruby is very strange. She can make anyone do or say whatever she wants. One night when swimming in the reservoir, Chloe finds London, a student in her French class, dead and floating on a boat. Chloe is sent to live with her father after this incident. However, after a few months, Ruby takes Chloe back to their original town, to live with her boyfriend, Jonah. When Chloe returns, she finds London...alive. She is obviously dumbfounded by this. No one seems to remember when London was found dead. Everyone believes that she was doing drugs and sent to a rehab center, where Ruby got her out. Chloe is the only one who knows the truth. However, she believes that Ruby played a big part in bringing London back to life. However, Ruby says, "They don't want her anymore, Chlo. They want what I wouldn't give them..." Ruby disturbed the balance between the world. "Give and take. Push and pull. You for her, her for you. I think they're mad that I tried to have it both ways - to keep both people alive," as she says. So what was Ruby so desperately trying to protect?
I really like this book because it's different. It's not your typical book. It keeps you in suspense and doesn't reveal the secret until the end of the book. After I picked up this book, I couldn't put it down. It was very interesting and I was dying to find out the ending.
~Cynthia, Teen Book Reviewer

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