Sunday, March 18, 2012

How I Stole Johnny Depps Alien Girlfriend

The book I read was How I Stole Johnny Depps Alien Girlfriend by Gary Ghislain. This book was about a boy whoes father was studying this girl that says she is an alein. The boy in the storys name is David. The girl, Zelda is looking for a boy to take back to her planet and believe it or not it's Johnny Depp. She says she must kiss him to be sure. With the help of his sister he travels around the town and Zelda meets Jhonny Depp. The only problem is he's not the right person. Then they get thrown in jail eventually they escape and know they are still looking for Zelda's "choosen one."

I actually did like the book it was a nice adventure story that has a lot of action. I also like how this author seeme to put a lot of hard work into this book. I would recommened this book to kids no younger theen my age because it has some older themes in it.

~Kyle, Teen Book Reviewer

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