Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith

I recently read the book Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith. I recommend this book for any kids age 11 -14 who like reading action and adventure books. It is the 3rd book in the series Escape From Furnace.

Death Sentence is about a 13 year old boy who is accused of murder, and is sent to a penitentiary for life. The penitentiary that he is placed in is evil. There are mutant dogs that kill people, huge 7-foot extremely strong men that torture kids, and a warden who lets all these horrible things happen. The main character, Alex, tries to escape for the 2nd time and he fails. The warden decides to make him a huge killer. Read the book to find out if the warden’s plan works.

I give this book a 5/5. It was exciting and kept my interest.

~Andrew, Teen Book Reviewer

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