Saturday, March 31, 2012

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

For my book review, I read The City of Ember by: Jeanne DuPrau. I selected this book because it was a recommendation from a peer, and it said the book was good. In this book, the setting is a city called Ember, that is a world where the light is from light bulbs, and run off of a generator. However, the lights are flickering, so the condition of Ember is not good. Throughout the book, the point of view was told from a third person perspective, but some chapters would spotlight a character or two. In my opinion, this book was very good for young adults to read. The City of Ember was always making me want to keep reading about the adventures of the city of Ember. I would recommend this book because it is appropriate for my seventh grade classmates, and was an adventurous page-turner. I would rate this book 8/10.

In The City of Ember, the lights are flickering because the generator that powers the lights is not working well and the citizens know. However, a boy named Doon and a girl named Lina get jobs, and soon, after trading jobs, they become friends. Doon gets a job as a Pipework laborer and Lina gets to become a messenger, which they both wanted. As Lina and Doon both get what they want for their jobs, Lina finds a box with instructions. With Doon’s help, Lina and Doon both embark on an adventure that was nothing they ever imagined.

In The City of Ember, the most important characters are Lina and Doon. Both these characters have a trait of curiosity, which leads them into a thrilling story. Lina is a twelve year old orphan that lives with her grandmother and her little sister Poppy. Doon is a twelve year old boy who was very smart and curious about things such as bugs, but what interested him the most was electricity. Because of this, Doon works at the Pipeworks so he could get close to the faltering generator. Lina understands the unstableness of the lights, and only wants her little sister,Poppy, safe. With these two characters and mix of traits comes an exciting and mysterious plot.

However, in this plot there is a very important theme. This theme is to never give up when a situation looks grim. In this story, with the generator to surely permanently stop working, Doon and Lina are hopeful and never give up the chance that there is another city outside of Ember. Like in The City of Ember, there are times in the world, where there is a difficult situation, but people don’t give up their hope. For example, in sports, if a team is down by a lot of points with little time, these teams do not give up the chance that they might come back. The difficult situation was the point difference, but the team did not give up, which is what Doon and Lina did about their difficult situation.

~Paul, Teen Book Reviewer

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