Friday, March 23, 2012

Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton

Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton is about a girl named Silla who was said to be crazy after overreacting to her parents sudden death. Silla's father is believed to have shot his wife and then shot himself, but Silla refuses to believe that theory. Ever since her parents died, Silla had never thought that her father would do such a thing. However, one day, a book was sent to her by an anonymous person called the Deacon and it was actually a spell book made by Silla's father. Silla knew it was made by her father because the handwriting was exactly the way her father wrote. Then, Silla began reading the spell book and read all the ingredients. However, there was a a common ingredient in every spell: blood and to Silla, this was her chance to prove to herself that her dad wasnt crazy and that he was a magician. Then, she tried a simple spell and it worked. However, a boy named Nick saw her doing magic. Later, knowing the magic works, she shows her brother, who does not believe her. But when Silla shows him, he and Silla start testing the magic out with different spells. Meanwhile, Silla and Nick begin a relationship with each other that develops through the book.

I thought this book's plot and story was very interesting and it always leaves you thinking about what will happen next. I would recommend this book for young adults or adults because this book can sometimes get graphic or inappropriate for younger students. However, the story engrosses the reader into a huge conflict, first having several seperate stories, and later bringing them all together in a very fascinating and action-packed ending. I would rate this book 7/10 because its a great story but may not be appropriate for younger people, limiting the audience to older, more mature audiences.

~Paul, Teen Book Reviewers

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