Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wish by Aledandra Bullen

I recently finished a book titled: Wish by Alexandra Bullen. To briefly summarize it, it's about a girl named Olivia. She is very independent and shy. She used to be more cheerful...before her twin sister drowned. Olivia misses Violet (her twin sister) greatly, and she wants more than anything in the entire world to have her back. After Violet drowned, Olivia's mother decides to move the family to where she used to live. After they got there, Olivia's mom was invited to a welcoming party for them. Olivia, unlike her sister, has absolutely no fashion sense, so she has nothing to wear...until she remembers Violet's lovely pink dress. One problem: there is a gargantuan rip down the side of it. Olivia knew that she would have to get it fixed. She brought it to a run down seamstress run by Posey. Posey promises to have the dress fixed by the next day. The next day, there IS a dress at the door, but it's not Violet's dress. To fast forward a bit, on the way home from the party, Olivia says: "I just wish I had my sister back." After she says this, a glowing butterfly appears. She returns home...and finds Violet's ghost waiting for her. Although having Violet back is a miracle, it isn't exactly what Olivia expected it to be. But, Violet helped Olivia improve her wardrobe, make a plethora of friends, and have a boyfriend as awesome as Soren. Before long, Olivia learns how to stand on her own and to be her own person. She uses her last two wishes up, and lets Violet go. She no longer needs Violet to push her along. Olivia has now gained confidence. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting to see an author take a story that could potentially be realistic fiction, and to add a bit of fantasy into it to make it all the more interesting to read. I also liked the author's style of writing. Bullen (the author) allows the reader to know all of the main character's thoughts without actually telling the story in first person point of view. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a very detailed, but very excellent story. Caution: this novel contains a 1/4 cup of funny, 3/8 of a cup of suspense, 1/2 a cup of romance, and 3/4 of a cup of interesting!!! Enjoy!
~Brynn, Teen Book Reviewers

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