Monday, February 27, 2012

Malice by Chris Wooding

The book Malice by Chris Wooding is about a fictional comic book that is known by teenagers for being the best comic book on the market. The comic is about the world of Malice, a world of nightmares and death. The main characters, Seth and his friend Luke, are lovers of the comic Malice. After Luke gets kidnapped, Seth thinks that the comic book took him, because rumor has it if you say the comic villain's name, Tall Jake, he will come and drag you into the world of Malice. Seth and another friend named Kate go to Luke's house to see if they can find any evidence pertaining to his kidnapping. In Luke's room, they find a copy of Malice, but the pages are blank. Knowing that the comic book was purchased at a creepy book store in their neighborhood, they return there to look for clues to Luke's disappearance. After purchasing another comic book copy, they discover Luke in the pages of the comic, scared out of his wits. To save his friend, Seth performs the ritual of calling Jake's name four times and is sucked into the world of Malice. The first person that Seth encounters is a teenager named Justin who explains to Seth that Malice is more than just a world of nightmares, but also of death. When Seth is in the world of Malice, he is faced with many trials including battling Tall Jake, who is out to kill him. The end of the book is a cliffhanger as we do not know what transpires with Luke or Seth. We need to stay tuned for the next book.

When I read it, I knew it was one of the best books I had ever read because half of the book is a comic. If I were to recommend this book to someone, I would recommend it to a child over the age of ten, because it is very intense and kind of twisted. I hope you find my review to be interesting and if you want, the second book in the series, Havoc, was just released.

~Jacob, Teen Book Reviewer

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