Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

Recently, I finished a book titled The Lying Game by Sara Shepard. I enjoyed reading this book, and had trouble putting it down. Now, I eagerly await the second book in this riveting series. I would recommend this book to young adults, purely because younger children might not understand it or enjoy it as much. In this story, there is a child named Emma, who was abandoned by her mother Becky when she was in kindergarten. Eventually, she was turned over to an orphanage, but people only wanted to adopt babies. So, Emma has lived in numerous foster homes. She finally found one she liked, but was framed for taking her foster mother's money. There was also this mysterious video that showed a girl getting choked to death. One problem: the girl who was choked looked exactly like HER! She was kicked out of the foster home. By looking on Facebook, she saw that she had an identical twin sister named Sutton. Something I forgot to mention: Sutton is dead, but her ghost follows Emma around. All of her memories are hazy, so she doesn't know how she died. Anyway, Emma sent a message to Sutton on Facebook to meet her, and received a reply. One problem: Sutton is dead! WHO sent that response to Emma? When she goes to meet Sutton in the place it said in the reply message, she ends up getting picked up by Sutton's friend who thinks Emma is Sutton. Can Emma-a shy girl-pretend to be Sutton-an outgoing jokester-to figure out how her identical twin died? Read the novel to find out!
~Brynn, Teen Book Reviewer

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