Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gemini Bites by Patrick Ryan

Gemini Bites by Patrick Ryan is a book about three teenagers who have to cope with their busy school, family, and love lives. Kyle and Judy Renneker are twins, but they have nothing in common. They live in a family of 9, and they often have to compete for attention. Because of this competition, they try to outdo each other, and they end up hating each other as much as is humanly possible. When a new kid is invited to stay at their house for a month, they are not sure what to expect. Both twins are slightly inerested in him, but they are more frightened by the thought of him staying under their roof. In school, the boy, Garret, has proved to be very strange. He makes references to instruments of death, and is constantly making "slips of the tongue" like "...some mor--some people really do...". When he first moves in with the Renneker family, everyone is surprised by his behavior, but he quickly reverts to the way he acts at school, except when he is around the adults. Judy and Kyle end up fighting for his attention, too, because they can't stand when one of them does something and the other can't.
Soon Garret reveals the truth...he is a vampire. But Judy and Kyle don't quite believe him. Is he lying? Or could this possibly be the truth? And how will the trio's love lives unfold?
I would recommend this book for people who like romance and realistic fiction books. This book kept me hanging until the very end!
~Catherine, Teen Book Reviewer

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