Monday, February 13, 2012

Death Cloud by Andrew Lane

In Death Cloud Sherlock Holmes is 14 years old. He has to spend his summer with an aunt and uncle that he doesn’t know. They seem very strange to him. A lot of people are dying in the town where he is staying. They say they died from the plague, but Sherlock does not believe this. He begins to investigate. Sherlock Holmes has a tutor named Amyous Crowe. Amyous Crowe, and Matty, one of Sherlock’s friends, try to work together to solve why people are dying. This book is so exciting and action filled. Following how Sherlock Holmes and his friends try to figure out the deaths, makes you feel like you are part of the book. This book was a very amusing and entertaining book and I would definitely suggest it to somebody.
~Justin, Teen Book Reviewer

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