Sunday, February 5, 2012

Afterlife by Claudia Gray

The book , Afterlife by Claudia Gray, is about two characters named Bianca and Lucas. They have always been together, despite the number of obstacles they had to overcome. However, when a twist of fate transforms Lucas into a vampire, the creatures that he had spent his whole life hunting, and Bianca into a wraith, things don't seem so easy anymore. Lucas now possesses a strong desire to drink blood and is a threat to all humans. He turns to the only place that can provide him with peace and teach him how to cope with his need to kill...Evernight academy. However, the sanctuary for Lucas has become a dangerous place for Bianca, but she's determined to stay by Lucas's side. Surprisingly, the leader of Evernight, Mrs. Bethany, welcomes Lucas kindly, despite the fact that he had hunted them before. Bianca and the others start to uncover a plan of Mrs. Bethany's- one to hunt wraiths, like Bianca. Lucas doesn't seem to suspect Mrs. Bethany as he begins to trust her due to her help with his new vampire troubles. Mrs. Bethany's plan may seem more dangerous than it appears and Bianca and Lucas will find this particular challenge harder to overcome...especially when it threatens to tear them apart and the strength of their love is tested.
I highly recommend this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat with the new twists and turns that appeared one after the other. I was extremely eager to find out the fate that awaited Bianca and Lucas. With Lucas having nightmares and struggling to keep his hunger under control and Bianca learning about her new amazing powers, they are both still determined to stay together. Although somewhere in my heart I knew that they would have their happily ever after in the end, I was still interested to find out how they managed to achieve their desires. I thought that the whole plot was extremely creative, with vampires and wraiths in the story. I also loved the displays of love shown in the book. Although losing their loved ones can drive them to hatred, some of them still managed to regain their sanity in the end, as shown in the book. Even after all of the troubles that Bianca and Lucas had to face and their insecurities, their determination to stay together never wavers in their heart. Overall, I extremely loved this book. However, I recommend that you read the first book, Evernight, before getting a jump start on the series. I guarantee that you won't regret reading the books!
~Cynthia, Teen Book Reviewer

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