Monday, January 30, 2012

Tyger Tyger by K. R, Hamilton

The novel Tyger Tyger, by Kersten Hamilton, is a very interesting and enjoyable story. The story is about a teenage girl who has her life planned out, but everything changes when Finn, a relative of her mother, comes to vist. Stange things began occuring, and at first Teagan is unsure whether what she is seeing and experiencing is real, or simply her mind playing tricks on her. She soon learns from Finn that the strange creatures she has been seeing are real, and Finn, Tea, and her brother set off on an adventure to fight the goblins and evil from Mag Mell and to protect their family.
The were parts in the story that talked about face book and myspace and I liked the fact that the story was based in modern times. The story that is told about Teagan ,the main character, and how the story shifts from reality to fantasy is another aspect of why I enjoyed this book. I feel young adults and teenagers would be able to relate to some of the things that happened in this story, such as when Teagan met Finn, and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an intresting and good book to read.

~Justin, Teen Book Reviewer

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