Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trapped by Michael Northrop

The book Trapped is a very interesting book by Michael Northrop. In the book, three friends and four other students are the last in the high school to be picked up after everybody else went home early due to a massive snow storm. Unfortunately the students get trapped in the school when the blizzard gets out of control and forces them to stay in the school. Everything seems fine until the power goes out and the heat. The water pipes freeze so there’s no water and even part of the school roof collapses and one of them dies. Stuck there, they have to learn to work together and survive on what the school provides and the extreme cold environment. The beginning was kind of slow but you get pulled in quickly. It’s a good suspenseful story with great characters and a good plot. It’s a real page turner and got me hooked. It even has a little bit of romance between the characters. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes some suspense and who is looking for something new and original. Next time you’re at the library come check this book out.

~Josh, Teen Book Reviewer

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