Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Black Swans by Caroline B. Cooney

Missy Vianello appears very interested upon hearing about new born babies in the radio. However, life turns upside down when Missy has to make a scientific class project. She chooses to make a hoax about herself and her cousin, Claire who is exactly a copy of Missy. They are truly alike with the same appearance, thoughts and actions. With the present in peril, Claire and Missy makes a video about the two girls being twins and puts it on YouTube. This might open the key to the world’s attention and one other infamous person and look alike of the cousins: Genevieve. However, Genevieve, Claire and Missy are all mirror images of themselves, each having different parents. When a school project brings them all together, relationships are revealed and the secrets come out. Are they really adopted or are they just triplets? The three girls are very intrigued about the “Three Black Swans”. Will Claire, Missy and Genevieve find the truth about the three black swans? Read this book to find out. I would recommend this book to teens who like the author Caroline Cooney, and teens who like to read science fiction novels.
~Erem, Teen Book Reviewer

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