Sunday, January 15, 2012

Slick by Sara Cassidy

Slick is a high-interest novel packed with action and is fun and quick to read. Liza is a thirteen-year-old girl whose parents recently got divorced, but her mom already has a new boyfriend. Liza hates her mother’ new boyfriend and is suspicious that he is up to no good. Liza discovers that her mothers’ boyfriend, whose name is Slick, owns an oil company that has a history of political disputes with the Guatemalan Farmers. Liza researches more into politics and forms a group in school to combat Slick’s oil company, Argenta oil. As she plans more and more on her strategy to combat Argenta oil, tension grows between Liza, her mom, and Slick. It’s an interesting novel that introduces a young teenage girl to the world of politics, and could do the same to any young teenage reader.
I enjoyed reading this book very much and would recommend it as a quick fun read for any teenager. It is entertaining and politically educational. Even though the main character is a female it is certainly a good read for and gender.
~Derek, Teen Book Reviewers

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