Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rose Sees Red by Cecil Castellucci

The book Rose Sees Red by Cecil Castellucci was a quick, yet intriguing read. I personally could see aspects of my own life through the words of Castellucci. Her captivating story about a young girl in love with dance displays the reality of the jealous friends that try to get in one's way of success. Rose finds a great friend in her neighbor from Russia, Yrena, who shows her that life is truly worth living and enjoying. The experiences that these two share together demonstrate the true bond of friendship that Rose had never before known. She was always use to being bosses around by her former best friend, Daisy. What Rose soon finds out was that Daisy held her back all along and that her real passion should be pursued: dance.
Rose has given up. She's given up on friendship, on happiness, on life being anything other than black, black, black. Yrena wants out. She's a dancer who doesn't want to dance, a prisoner in her own home, a resident of New York who never gets to see the city. To Rose, Yrena has always been the Russian girl who lives next door, seen through the window but never spoken to. At least not until Yrena crashes into Rose's room-and Rose's life-and sets in motion a night in New York City that none of them will ever forget.
I personally could relate to Rose as her friend controlled her every move and she finally let go of her in order to fufill her own expectations about life. I believe that the book involved Rose's coming of age as she ventures out into the strange and unknown streets of NYC with a girl who she had just met (Yrena). Also, I could see the point that the author might be aiming at: learn to trust again after being hurt by someone you love. It is important for any girl to be able to trust those around her. I personally, unlike Rose, would not have trusted a former friend such as Daisy. Daisy was far too controlling in the beginning-- how would she ever be able to change?
This book was a fast read. It took me about two weeks to complete. I enjoyed the fast pace and flow of the book. If you're looking for a fast and entertainning read, be sure to pick up Rose Sees Red at the library.
~Brittany, Teen Book Reviewer

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