Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney

The book I chose was The Iron Witch. I recommend this book to kids that like stories about alchemy and imaginary characters, like dragons and elf's. There is also a lot of drama in this book. The character Donna Underwood had a lot to deal with. She is an alchemist and had a choice to let her secret out to her best friend Navin or to keep it to herself, and keep him under suspense or maybe even lose him as a friend. Besides having to deal with that, she had the weight over her shoulders of having to keep a legacy of her parents being alchemists into perspective even though she didn't really want to do it. Donna has a lot of stress, but deals with it. She has distractions, she has a growing attraction to a guy named Xan. They were both attracted to each other since the first night they met; at a party. Donna didn't want to deal with the drama going down at the party, so she went upstairs and met Xan, who was the hostess but wasn't having fun at his own party. In my opinion, this book is a great book. Especially if you enjoy books about non-existent creatures, and magical powers.

~Arielle, Teen Book Reviewer

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