Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Gift of Magic by Lois Duncan

A Gift of Magic is when three young kids inherit gifts. Brendon receives the gift of music. Nancy gets the gift of magic and the most interesting gift. Kirby receives the gift of dance. As Nancy and Kirby develop their gifts they both realize that these gifts are not just toys. They have to be used carefully and delicately. They both have some difficulties, like when Nancy gets in trouble and is accused of cheating when she accidentally used her gift and when Kirby hurts herself and has to recover and get back on her feet. They all have to attend public school for the first time and has to overcome fears and in Brendon’s case, bullies. I enjoyed this book very much because I love fantasy and because you learn a lesson in this book: Don’t give up and follow your dream. I hope you guys enjoy it too!
- Alex, Teen Book Reviewer

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