Saturday, January 14, 2012

Found: The Missing by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Found: The Missing is the first book in the series; Found, by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The book was a dark mystery story about Jonah, and his best friend Chip. Jonah is an adopted 13 year old who knows full well and accepts the fact that he is adopted. His parents love him just as much as they love their younger daughter, Katherine, who is directly related. The story takes of when Jonah and Chip (also an adopted child) start receiving strange letters from an unnamed sender. The letters explain they are of "the missing" and that people were out to get them and that they should beware. They also learn that they were found on a plane, which disappeared, full of babies with no adults, not even a pilot. Chip, Jonah, and his younger sister Katherine are now determined to solve the strange mystery surrounding their past. Their paths cross intertwine with the FBI, ghostly apparitions, time travel, and a war between two conspiracies involving Jonah's and Chip's fate. It is difficult to explain more of the plot without giving to much away, but their are many twists.

I found the book exciting because the book makes you question what is going to happen next and how the events will unfold. It will leave you with many questions that keep you reading for the answers and how the events will come together. The book may be too dark for younger readers, but it is lightened by the the main characters' personalities. Young teens could maybe even relate to the main characters and the way they solved the problems they were faced with in the book. The way Haddix wrote the book and describes the events going on in the book makes it easy for young teens although the story is a complex mystery. It is nice to not have to read back a section multiple times because of complex wording. Instead, one can keep reading, looking for the next twist or answer. I think this book does a great job reaching out to its target audience, therefore, I definitely recommend; Found: The Missing.

~Ian, Teen Book Reviewers

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