Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Double Helix by Nancy Werlin

The novel, Double Helix, by Nancy Werlin is a mystery for the science lover. It is about a boy named Eli Samuels, who while working at the prestigious Wyatt Transgenics Lab, discovers more about himself, his family, and the nature of his very existence. His father is completely against Eli working with Dr. Quincy Wyatt at the lab but for reasons unknown to Eli. Eli and his father have a strained relationship following the decline of Eli’s mother’s health. Mrs. Samuels suffers from Huntington’s disease, and because the disease is hereditary, Eli’s chance of having the same debilitating mental illness is a common theme in the story. Although Eli has a loving and intelligent girlfriend, he often distances himself from her and others due to the possibility of having Huntington’s disease and hurting them in the end. With that said, Eli is overjoyed with his position at Wyatt Transgenics because not only does he make a substantial amount of money but he also is able to explore his love of science. However, he soon realizes that Dr. Wyatt has a strange connection to his family, and the knowledge of the truth questions the very ethics of science and of his own existence.
Overall, I enjoyed reading the book, but at times, I felt that the book was slow and uneventful. However, near the end, the book showed an intense array of action and thrill, one that both action buffs and science nerds would love.

~Jane, Teen Book Reviewer

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