Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brain Jack by Brian Falkner

Brain Jack by Brian Falkner is a great book. It is about a senior named Sam, who is a computer hacker. In a world where one of the biggest cities was turned into a desert after a terrorist attack, and many turn to video game addiction, Sam is still living his is life. After the biggest hack in the world, Sam's life becomes a dream. Then, when he accused of attacking a government official, he, along with two of his friends, becomes fugitives, and that dream turns into a nightmare. He is on the run from the largest thing in the world, the internet itself. He has no way of escaping. The internet is everywhere, every computer, phone, headset, and satellite on Earth and in space, is the internet. How can Sam run from something that has a bird's eye view on the entire world? How can 3 teenagers defeat the internet?

Brain Jack is a pretty lengthy novel, but a great read. It is very interesting. There is a twist in every chapter. I suggest it to anyone who enjoys fiction books, adventure books, or loves computers. Brain Jack is amazing.

Ravjot, Teen Book Reviewers

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